What payment methods are available?

We offer credit card, bank transfer (or deposit), PayPal and Cash (in our physical shop).
Also it is possible to pay by telephone using a credit card. To use this last option, just select the payment method “Via telephone with Credit Card”, take your credit card and call us to (+34) 956347489.
IMPORTANT: If there were any transfer fee, it has to be paid by the customer.

What banks do you work with?

We work with Banco Santander and Bankia. Credit cards payment have SSL certificate to increase the security of the operation.

If I choose bank transfer payment, how many days do I have to pay?

We usually provide a logical place of 3-4 days for the item reservation (if it is available in stock) and 1 month to proceed to cancel the order.

I have made a bank transfer and I want to send the voucher to make faster my order process, where can I send it?

We are very sorry that bank transfer receipts have no legal validity and cause of that, we cannot accept them as proof of payment. If your order is urgent, please make a credit card payment. If you are in Spain you also can do a deposit. Both methods provide an immediate verification.

I made a credit card payment, but I am not sure if payment was successful, how can I be sure?

You can see you payment and order status in your user account.

Can I put a company data instead mines in the invoice formulary?

No problem.

I live outside the European Union, can you manage “Tax Free” service for me?

Sorry but it is not possible to manage Tax Free as this is not apply to online purchased items which are transported to another country. This is like that, because you need to seal a document in the European Union customs by yourself (for example: an european airport). If some online shop try to offer you this service, beware.

Currency converter: I choose a different currency but when I am going to pay the total amount is shown in euros…

The currency converter is only a tool to help and guide you. However, the payment is made in euros. IMPORTANT: Please, keep in mind that the conversion is approximate and your bank will apply their own currency conversion and service fees.