Why buying in Tamara Flamenco Dance and not in another shop?

Our customers already know why, but people who visit our website by first time might ask this question, especially when there are so many “similar” internet stores.

Here there are 10 reasons:

1) Prices: thanks to our policy of seriousness and good relations with our suppliers, we obtain big advantages when buying: this means great prices for you. Sometimes this trust is also turned into an exclusivity of regional distribution (as happen for example with Begoña Cervera shoes).

2) The best service, satisfaction guaranteed: we really take care of our customer. Do you know why? Because we are a family company, we love our work and take care of it. And the best way to take care of our business is to take care of you. Just like that!

3) Professional advice: If you have some question about a product and you contact us, you can be assured that you will be attended by an expert. This is possible because contrary to most of businesses, we go for long-term employees who know well the products and what you really need.

4) Security and relief: we are a physical store, we exist in the real world and not just on the web. So if you want, you can meet and talk with us for a while ;) . In addition all our payment methods are secured and our web have a SSL certificate. What is that? Look at the superior part of your screen....Do you see a green Lock? You will find this symbol for example in the bank websites. That means that our website is secured :)

5) Speed​​: because of being a physical store, we have a large stock of products. This makes that our delivery times are usually smaller than most of online stores. Write us to check our in-stock products.

6) 100 % Communication: email, chat, Facebook, phone or Skype to make of communication something natural, fast and effective. Because for us, good communication is everything.

7) Honesty and seriousness, we always take responsibility of our clients: We do not promise that everything will always be perfect as it is just impossible to assure (for example a manufacturer delay). If someone say the opposite he is not telling the truth.
But what we can promise you will feel that we take care about you. We will made all in our hands to make you happy. Remember that our priority is to keep you as a customer for many years.

8) Experience in direct and online sales: Working on this since 1984. We know the customer’s needs and what they most value when buying a product.

9) Multiple payment methods: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer. Even in cash if you visit us in Jerez ;)

10) Quality catalogue, guaranteed products: we do not play with the quality. All our flamenco products are made 100 % in Spain. The rest of our products are usually made in Europe and USA. For this reason and because it is not quantity but quality, we do not have the largest catalog in the web. We only sell good products and we have eliminated those which can cause problems or do not have enough quality.
In addition, product warranties are quickly and totally free managed.

For all of this and some other reasons thousands of clients around the world consider us their trusted store.


Have you got any suggestions to make us better? Is there some kind of product that you think we should include? Do you see any errors in the webpage?

Please write to us!! All that we are today it is thanks to you.