Flamenco Combs

Flamenco Combs

Combs and small combs, known as peinetas or peinecillos or just ornamental combs, are a Spanish essential accessory to wear with a flamenco dress or another traditional costume. Besides, it is the perfect ornament for your flamenco attire.  This accessory is used to add a splash of colour to your hair and, thanks to its large shape, it slims wom...

  • Flamenco Combs - Customisable

    Flamenco Combs - Customisable

    TAMARA Flamenco works with different materials for its accessories. Among those used on our ornaments, you may find:

    - Acetate comb: Acetate is a very flexible material that has a beautiful and shiny finish. It is a material extremely hard to break or deform. Therefore, these ornaments may last a long time in perfect conditions and, if they are well cared of, they may be passed to the next generation.

    - Dyed nacre comb: Its nacreous-like reflexion remind of the inside of a shell. It is with no doubt the material that applies the most elegance to an ornament, because of its different and shining colour scheme. This material is known for its durability so, if nacre combs are cared of properly, they can undoubtedly pass on the next generations in perfect condition.

    - Plastic comb: This comb is made of plastic, so its durability and resistance is lower. However, if you are looking for a cheaper flamenca comb for a specific time, this is with no doubt the best option because of its incredible quality-price ratio.

    You can also buy online your flamenco peinas and peinecillos in a confortable and easy way. All our flamenco products are 100% made in Spain. 

  • Flamenco combs - IN STOCK

    Flamenco combs - IN STOCK

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