Flamenco Dresses 2018

Flamenco Dresses 2018

From TAMARA Flamenco we present our catalog of sevillanas dresses for 2018. As every year, our collections are part of the most important flamenco fashion event, SIMOF (International Flamenco Fashion Show). It is the perfect place to see all the important brands in flamenco fashion meet and also to meet new bets from the designers who are just s...

  • Flamenca dresses 2018 for WOMAN

    Flamenca dresses 2018 for WOMAN

    We can already see an advance of what this 2018 flamenco season has in store for us and one more year the new trends are mixed with the most classic cuts that we have always taken. On the one hand we find new designs of flamenca dresses that prefer to combine simpler flounces with more peculiar sleeves and necklines where you can see much more flight and flounces. And on the other we see more traditional flamenco designs where the real protagonist is the flounce with a lot of volume, a more traditional style but which is usually seen more in the fairs and pilgrimages.

    The flamenco catwalks are undoubtedly the best option to see how the flamenco fashion of each season will be. Undoubtedly, the best thing is that the different collections have classic elements of the flamenco dresses together with the new elements that is what makes flamenco fashion is alive and each season is innovating. In the catwalks the bet of each flamenco designer is shown but of course then you are the one in charge of taking the trends of each year to your land. From TAMARA Flamenco we like to teach each year what different brands are offering so that clients can go to the latest in flamenco fashion.

    As for fabrics, this season the floral prints seem to compete directly with the very large polka dot fabrics. One of the major trends of 2017, lace, will also continue to be present in the models of this year's catalog. They will be available in different styles and colors and is one of the most elegant ways of making our flamenco dress with a comfortable fabric that adapts very well to the body.

    For the necklines are still dividing the models between what have heart cleavage and those who have it high. The latter was the favorite of most of the flamenco dresses of this last season, which also combined it with a slightly more open back than it usually does. For the more classic sevillanas dresses, the same back is kept in peak that is usual in this class of Andalusian costumes. The part of the neckline and the back can totally change the style of the gypsy costume, since according to its shape it will be better combined with flamenco shawl, flamenco fringes or neither of the two options.

    We do not know what will be the most carried out each season to go to the Fair, so we like our 2018 flamenco dress collection to be as varied as possible, both in designs and colors and fabrics.

  • Flamenca dresses 2018 GIRL

    Flamenca dresses 2018 GIRL

    The new collection of flamenco dresses 2018 is now available for the smallest of the house. As every year we bring the designs of the best brands with a variety of models and fabrics.

    This season we see many more diversity of suit types in the girl's collection. From the classic baby dresses, which have been the best sellers in recent years, to more youthful cuts. These models are perfect for girls who can not still wear the size of a lady but want to vary from the classic flamenco dress models for girls. But in addition to the newest styles, the most classic models that triumph at the fair with a variety of new printed fabrics and lace are also available.

    In general, from Tamara Flamenco we think that this is one of the most versatile and beautiful collections of flamenco dresses for girls, where we are sure that any girl will find a model of her age and style

    If you have any questions or need the opinion of our experts in flamenco fashion, do not hesitate to contact us by email (info@tamaraflamenco.com) or by phone at (+34) 956347489, where we will be happy to advise you.


    Also, if you need a girl's flamenco dress for immediate delivery, do not hesitate to contact us. In our large warehouse we always have stocks of the best selling models. To know our stock and receive your flamenco dress as a girl in 24/48 working hours write to info@tamaraflamenco.com.

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