Minimum price guaranteed up to 30 days!

In Tamara Flamenco we are so confident of our prices that we guarantee them. All our Flamenco dresses and Flamenco products have up to 30 days minimum price guarantee.

Shop with confidence! if you place an order in our website and later you see the same product cheaper, we will refund you the difference!

You just have to tell us the price and the exactly place where you find it and we will refund you the difference :) Please, keep in mind that you have to provide us the exactly web as we have to be able to check it ;)

In Tamara Flamenco we are so sure about our great prices that we have a minimum price guarantee on all our Flamenco products. Up to 30 days after your order!

In this way, you can buy with confidence and peace of mind as we will always offer you the best prices in the market. So if you place an order on our website and later you find the same product at a better price, we will refund the difference :)

You just have to contact us indicating the product and where you found it at better price to receive your refund. Note that you should communicate us the exactly web and paragraph where you found it so we can check it. After confirmation, you will receive the refund within 72 working hours ;)


- "Extras" or specific customization options. (Ex: special heels or leathers, tailored or modified cloths, customized products using not common colors...)

- Flamenco dresses are seasonal products and because of that TAMARA Flamenco guarantees the minimum price in all its collections during high season, which includes dates from 1 January until last day of Jerez Horse Fair that uses to end in the first or second week of May (may vary every year).

- Promotions or clearance sales products. It means, our guarantee covers  "normal" or "usual" prices. It does not take in consideration prices next to words like: "special offer", "liquidation" "sales"... as it is not considered the "real" price.

- Products which prices could be considered deceptive. It means, products which showed price may vary substantially in some step of the purchasing process. For example, products with lower prices but more expensive shipping costs or those that includes a supplementary cost.

- The product at better price have to be sold in a common or standard shop. It means, they are accepted products from particular sellers or stores that do not offer guarantees or services similar to ours. For example, They are not accepted, particular sellers or stores that not guarantee their products or require minimum purchase orders.

- Tax-free prices will not be taken into account this situation.