What size should I select?

You will find a guide to choose your size in the product detailed info. If it were not available or you have any questions, please, contact us before ordering. We will be happy to help you ;)

Here you can find some of the most common sizes equivalences:
NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is only a guide. As we all know, each brand has a different pattern that does not fit everyone in the same way. The final decision of size is responsibility of the customer.
BEGOÑA CERVERA – Know your size and type of heel
RUMMOS – Size and Heels
BLOCH – Size converter

The color of my current leather shoe is not exactly the same as the shoes that I ordered last time or it is different from my friend shoes, is it normal?

It is totally normal. This is due to the leather dyeing process. The color obtained after dyeing the leather is not always the same (even tried) because leather is a natural material and due to that, it does not “take up” the ink in the same way. On the other hand this shows that you have an artisan product and makes of your product something unique.