• Aires de Feria

    Aires de Feria

    Tamara flamenco has the pleasure of presenting the new 2017 collection of Aires de feria. This new collection is loaded with new and wonderful flamenco costume designs 2017. This year, the Aires de Feria brand has bet for the most part on canastero style outfits. Stylized and feminine designs that have the gift of making every woman who wears them feel beautiful and Andalusian. Straight cuts, unique but wide steering wheel and high necks define in their majority, this new collection of 2017 Seville costumes from Aires de Feria.

    As every year, Aires de Feria sets trends on the catwalks and makes the newly introduced high collar for the flamenco dress even more fashionable. An innovation to renew the classic costume of Seville that has already fallen in love with most of the Andalusians.

    Casa de flamenca Aires de feria continues its long and successful journey through the world of flamenco fashion with a collection that will undoubtedly leave you indifferent. Especially recommended for elegant and feminine women, the Aires de Feria collection has models for any type of flamenco, whatever type you are. We hope you like this fantastic collection as well as each one of the experts that make up the TAMARA Flamenco team.

  • Roal


    TAMARA Flamenco presents the new collection of flamenco dresses Creaciones Roal 2017. Under the point of view of our experts in flamenco, the collection of flamenca dresses 2017 we believe, is undoubtedly the best presented so far by the firm Roal. The new Sevillian costume catalog is full of airy designs, with great volume and life in each of its flyers. The stylized and feminine cut is very favorable for any woman who takes it and this year's prices are the most competitive in the market if we consider the laborious work of the star designs of this brand. Price of mid-range costumes for dresses that, without a doubt, you could see in any shop window for a price multiplied by two sold as high fashion costumes. This year, we are sure that it will be the highlight year of this great firm, so traditional and with deep-rooted Andalusian roots that are shown in every stitch and detail in each of its flamenco dresses.

    The firm Creaciones Roal, also offers you, as it is the hallmark of their identity, to change the fabrics so that you can choose from poplin to lace or from floral prints to gauze. Hundreds of wonderful fabrics and colors await you in the catalog of flamenco fabrics 2017.

  • Rummos


  • Valverde del Camino

    Valverde del Camino

  • So Dança

    So Dança

  • Bloch


  • Begoña Cervera

    Begoña Cervera

    Begoña Cervera claims that tradition and craftsmanship but also comfort, innovation and design. Proof of this is that since the end of 2014 his brand has launched an artistic project adapted to the shoe: The ARTY heel, a concept based on the customization carried to its maximum power, where the customer can choose between different heel designs fully painted by hand by our team of artists.

    Begoña can boast of manufacturing its entire line of 100% flamenco footwear in Spain. In Elda (Alicante), surrounded by highly qualified personnel in the sector and experienced hands are born these wonderful shoes carefully made where each of them with their imprint reflect your choices and tastes.

    Since you choose an artisan model of Begoña Cervera until it reaches your feet, there is a process of creation and manufacture that involves a wide selection of flamenco shoe characteristics such as the choice of materials, color, height and shape of the heel as well as its external view (skin, suede, wood, hand painted ..). Always with our personalized advice, we want your shoe to be unique and you can enjoy it as you deserve.

    The latest project by Begoña Cervera is based on the personalization of the heel with the "ART" as the protagonist. Each of them are carefully and delicately painted by hand by a large group of artists. In Begoña Cervera heels, you can choose the style that best suits your tastes or needs, both in color and shape and height.

    You, dancers and dancers from every corner of the world, have motivated this designer to create a line of street shoe designs with flamenco flavor along with accessories such as handbags, t-shirts, purses or towels where some of them are even limited editions to endow them with total exclusivity. As always, each article of the brand is 100% Made in Spain and with the guarantee of quality of the most famous brand in the world of flamenco.

  • La Lupi ( Flamenco shoes)

    La Lupi ( Flamenco shoes)

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