Bolero nº 5 FG

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The model Bolero nº 5 in Fiberglass (the highest quality fiber and the best material for the production of castanets) is an intermediate-level castanet model with a medium-high quality fiber. It is our most recommended castanet for anyone who wants to start this beautiful art because it has a very good sound and fiber for someone who wants to start with something medium, not too basic nor professional. Its value for money is unsurpassed and the best thing about this model is that being mid-range, it will have to have a good level to need a higher castanet (unlike what happens with basic castanets, than months or year of learning, you want a better and more beautiful sound).


This model of castanets Bolero is made by hand in Andalusia with matte black fiber. Its durability and sound is excellent. Its different variants make this a perfect model to start and progress in higher quality and sound since you will not have to change the model as you go forward but simply, choose the same model but higher levels (in boxes or material).

Professional castanets made of fiber glass
Filigrana brand
Measures:6,9 x 8,9 cm / 2,7 x 3,5 inches

Includes one Bag for castanets as gift

Size guide

In a general way we can resume castanets sizes like:

- Size 3: kids

- Size 4: kids and women with small hands.

- Size 5: most of women or men with small hands

- Size 7: generally recommended for men.

Spanish castanets size it is a quite personal decision and there is really not a defined way to chose the perfect size. As orientation we can chose our "correct" size depending on our hands measures:

Measuring from point A to B we can say that:

Less than 7 cm-> Size 3
Between 7 & 8.5 cm -> Sizes 4 y 5
more than 8,5 cm ->Size 7


How to play castanets

Practical video that shows the classical "RIA-PITÁ":

Filigrana castanets instructions: 

how to play flamenco castanets

From 7 sounds that can produce a castanet we will take 3: TA-RRI-PI and 1 called "posticeo" (fig.4) that produce the sound PAM.

FigA: thumb position to use the spanish castanets

Fig B: Sounds times.
Sound PI - hit with the right hand.
Sound TA - hit with the left hand
Sound RRI - when the right fingers rub the right castanet.

how to play flamenco castanets 3
how to play flamenco castanets 4

"Sevillanas touch"- when starting Sevillana dance we shoud do an starting beat:

First: complete beat like TA-RRI-TA-PAM-PAM (steps 1-5) and later and incomplet one with TA-RRI-TA-PI-TA sounds (steps 6 to 10).

Later we continue with the traditional: RRI-TA-RRI-TA-PI-TA-RRI-TA-RRI-TA-PI-TA (steps 11-16).

After that, we play: RRI-TA-RRI-TA-PI-TA-RRI-TA-RRI-TA-PI-TA (steps 11 to 16).

Instructions courtesy of Filigrana castanets. Translation: Tamara Flamenco

how to play flamenco castanets 5

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questions DEMIAUX on 30/07/2018

bonjour, quelle est la différence entre les castagnettes bolero5 bolero 5F ET BOLERO 6 d'autre part pour une chaussure estrella 39.5 puis je vous envoyer le dessin de mes pieds car j'hésite entre les largeurs merci par avance



Dans les castagnettes, le nombre correspond à la taille. Le numéro 5 et le numéro 6 sont différents parce que 6 est plus grand que 5. FV se réfère à la fibre de verre, qui est la fibre de la plus haute qualité. Si vous avez des questions sur les chaussures, veuillez les envoyer à Nous serons heureux de vous aider.


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