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Feria and Romeria are two completly different events, that’s why the wardrobe can also be different, it’s mean that feria dress are not necessarily adapted to romería dress. In this post, we are going to present you the differences between feria and romería dress. To faciliate you the task, we leave you a comparative tablea. We hope that it can help you :)

traje y vestido de flamenca y romeria

FERIA DRESS                                        ROMERIA DRESS                                                                                                            
  • Choose the dress: Feria dress is more determined by the fashion, elegance and tendency.
  • Choose the dress: The dress must be chosen for its confort, because of the long hours of walking   
  • Weight: Feria dress tends to weigh heavier because they are more decorated and have more fabric, so that’s why the dress has more movements when a woman walks or dances.
  • Weight: For Romeriia, it’s advisable to get dressed most simply possible to be able to walk in the sand, ride a horse…
  • Style: Dress with flounces, many flounces, have more movements and glamor.
  • Style Canasteros dress or batas de rocieras simple. This is the best option because of thei light weight and confort.
  • Sewing pattern: For feria, the best would be to choose a long dress which draws well woman’s curves, to obtain a beautiful silhouette. 
  • Sewing pattern: flared (skirt or dresses which mark the waist but wider at the waist) This type of cut is ideal for great mobility and confort.
  • Sleeves of the dress: Usually long sleeves and half sleeves often finished by flounces, it brings elegance to the flamenca dress.
  • Sleeves of the dress: preferably short sleeves or strap because of  high temperatures present durinf the romería
  • Fabrics: Any kind of elegant fabric is perfect for flamenco dress as this dress is more intended for fashion.
  • Fabrics: It’s etter to choose fresh, light and natural fabrics (cotton, feather, linen thread…) We will avoid delicate fabric.
  • Shoes: To benefit the silhouette and be more elegant, it’s recommended to shoes that style your silhouette: wide or thin heel, shoes with or without platform
  • Shoes: The most used and most recommended are boots, besides the confort, are shoes the easiest to clean with sand or dust of road and village.
  • Make-up: It’s advisable to soften the make up during the day and accentuate it in the evening. In general make up must be attractive. Intense lips and marked eyes with a black eyeliner, and a smoky (especially in the evening)
  • Make-up: the best choice to be made is a simple and natural make-up. With fondation, line of pencil on the eyes, lips with a natural or pinkish color, mascara, blusher and you will be perfect.                                                    

look moda traje de flamenca  


We hope that this guide was helpful and we invite you to take a look at ou catalog so that you can choose feria or romería dress (link). We also have a wide catalog of  acessories that ou can see here (link)

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